Keep Your Trees Healthy

Looking for affordable tree trimming services? Look no further than DV Tree Service LLC. We'll take care of overgrown branches and limbs in your way. You won't have to worry about unhealthy limbs breaking and falling on your yard, roof or driveway.

Our brand-new bucket lift reaches up to 66 feet, so we can take care of even the tallest trees on your property. You can also count on us to deal with palm trees. These might look beautiful on the beach, but they can be plain annoying on your property.


Tree maintenance services help your yard stay clean and your trees stay in good shape. This kind of care is especially important during hurricane season, when strong winds can blow down weak branches and tree limbs. We'll help you improve:

✅The health of your trees
✅The appearance of your lawn
✅The view you have from your windows
✅The safety of your family and home

Call 561-236-8765 today to request tree maintenance services in West Palm Beach, FL.